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28’ Daytona Eliminator

28’ Daytona Eliminator

Twin Viper Engines + Cams + Engine Tune - Installation @ Diamond Marine Service

“Bad Company” Flat Bottom

Tim Kioch’s Boat. 1978 Sanger – Sanger Boats were beefed up to go over 100 MPH.  Sanger is the original flat bottom, original mold maker and the cream of the crop. Boat was owned by Tim’s father. Bought from a boat show, that held 2 awards of Best Flat Boat in Show & Loudest Boat.  First time his father took the 400 HP boat out, his gauges displayed loss of oil pressure.  Later it was discovered only a wire was preventing a true reading.  Before Tim’s father could ever take the boat back on the water, he passed away. 

Tim Recovered the boat from his father’s barn and put the finishing touches on it and took it out to the 2017 SCSC Thanksgiving Regatta.  After doing about 10 passes on the water, Motor Locked up, seizing bearing in the crankshaft.  Engine had to be completely striped and built.  Built an HBR Competition Engine 700HP – Build took 1 year

Paint & Hull are original

2018 SCSC Regatta Showed more promising as Tim was able to enjoy his father’s boat in a way like he would have enjoyed himself.  


We are passionate about our crafts and the stories they can create.  Let the Diamond Family care for your craft.

Thirst Quencher

"Thirst Quencher" is a fully restored 1976 Spectra 20' with a built 460CID Ford Big Block. The boat was originally a give away prize by Gatorade & Playboy Magazine in 1976 to the playmate of the year. Though previously built, all of the maintenance and servicing are performed by Diamond Marine Service.

25’ Daytona Eliminator

25’ Daytona Eliminator

HBR Competition 540 Engine

Twin Super chargers + Twin Holley EFI

Currently building the drive….More to come

Stookey Cigarette Boat

Cigarette 36 Gladiator 

1 of 50 Ever made & 1 of 2 with Right Hand Throttle

LipShip Edition

2 Big Block Chevy Motors 750HP EA.

Maintained|Launched|Repaired|System Run

All performed by experts at

Diamond Marine Service💎


540 HBR Competition Racing Engine

3.3 Whipple Super Charger

Holley Sniper EFI


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