Drive Service & U-Joints

As displayed here, we have a perfect example of a drive and bellows that were not routinely serviced. Leaking bellows are the probable cause for this failure. A hole in the bellows allowed water to leak in washing the grease out of the u-joint caps and gimbal bearing resulting in no lubrication, excessive corrosion, metal to metal contact, and catastrophic failure.

-Volvo Penta SX Drive

Avoid costly repairs and excessive damage by routinely servicing the drive and bellows. We recommend servicing the drive every 2 years and the bellows every 5 years.

Our technicians will remove the drive, drain, pressure test, and fill it with new oil. Inspect and lubricate the u-joints, driveshaft splines, and gimbal bearing. Inspect the bellows for cracks and deterioration.

While this service is being performed, the engine coupler is also visible and the splines can be inspected for wear.


Jeff Willoby