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Our story goes back as far as the 1930's.  Organized Racing's earliest forms was "Boat Racing".  Through today we know there are many styles of race boats, Exactly what is a Cracker Box?

Tom Patterson and His brother Bob Patterson are the Creators of this class sport.  The early Cracker Boxes began with Flat head Ford Engines.  Hulls where about 15 feet and originally made from wood.  Around the 1970's Tom started producing fiberglass Hulls. The concept was simple.  Design a hull that can handle circle track conditions on the water, and lets go RACING!

As the years have progressed, many people have been more than intrigued by the sport, and have began becoming apart of Cracker Box Racing.  Boats over the years transitioned from wooden hulls to fiberglass.  The Sport today regulates engine Size (314Ci) and what carb you can run (Holley 650).  Teams are not allowed to modify the carbs in any way other than changing jets sizes. Today's Race boats travel at speed over 95+ MPH.


There is a Driver and a Rider.  The Driver's job is to drive the boat like a rocket, while the Rider has to look ahead to see track conditions and make the driver aware of what's happening.  This includes observing the engines gauges and read-outs to ensure there is no possible mechanical problems that could cause Boat/Motor Harm.  Their safety is Priority.  So all calls made in the boat are made by the rider at the time of the race.  He is lastly responsible for informing the driver if he has other boats around him going into a turn.  

There are no Seat Belts, so hold on to the steering wheel or the rider handles and have a good time.  Race teams will wear deployable airbag systems, if deployed from the boat. As well as, current standard safety Racing Helmets with or with out D-Links.  This depends on what head and neck safety you are using. 

That Ladies and Gentleman that is what a Cracker Box is.  There are several of us that race in places like, Long Beach CA, Parker AZ, Bakersfield CA, and Mayfair San Diego.  Tell your friends and family, and come see what this league of Racing is REALLY like.  For those of you that want to get involved and start in the sport, contact us.  Like all Extreme Hobbies, Racing can get expensive.  We look forward to making these events bigger and having lots of fun!



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